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Globalink Cloud Hosted VoIP APPs are for resellers who want to manage all billing, technical and customer service under their own private-label brand.

You can find all our private label apps under our While Label Site.

Please click to select the apps that meets your needs.

We'll be glad to help you decide which program may be right for you and your unique business situation.

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Globalink Inc Support 

Number not ringing on end user VoIP Device

First ensure that your did provider is sending  country code plus the number in the e.164 format.  eg 1 785 823 8284 for US number.

If your device is registered and the number is ringing busy, you may need to do the following :-
  • Ensure that the NAT Keep Alive interval  parameter in your Linksys or voip device is set between 30-50 seconds
  • Disable ALG
  • Disable port forwarding on your NAT router
  • Ensure your firmware is upgraded to the latest provided by the device manufacturer.
For those using Voice Mail On PortaUM
If you are on using PortaUM, please add the PortaUM tariff in the product accessability node and add prefix UM in the reseller and customer tariffs.
Thank You.
Globalink-Worldkom VoIP Services

Globalink Authorize.Net Payment Setup

Authorize.Net  Payment Setup

  • Please login as the reseller first
  • Please note if you are the owner of the Reseller Enterprise Server, you should setup this feature on the root of the server unless you are "reselling to yourself".
  • Please go to "Customer Info" link from main menu
  • Please  go to "Payment Systems" tab and enter the information
    The Login is the API Number and the password is the Transaction Key
  • Please go to "Currencies" link from main menu
  • Modify the appropriate currency  and link to your payment merchant name you created in Porta VoiP softswitch


NAT TRAVERSAL (NO/STUN/KEEP ALIVE/AUTO/VPN): NO ( as it depends on network configuration)


If the phone has an assigned PSTN telephone number, this field should be set to "User=Phone".
A "User=Phone" parameter will be then attached to the Request-Line and
"TO" header in the SIP request to indicate the E.164 number.
If set to "Enable", "Tel:" will be used instead of "SIP:" in the SIP request.



Session Expiration is the time (in seconds) where the session is considered timed out,
provided no successful session refresh transaction occurs beforehand.
Min-SE: 3600 The minimum session expiration (in seconds)

If set to "Yes" and the remote party supports session timers,
the phone will use a session timer when it makes outbound calls.

If set to "Yes" and the remote party supports session timers,
the phone will use a session timer when it receives inbound calls.

If set to "Yes", the phone will use the session timer even if the remote party does not support this feature.
Otherwise, session timer is enabled only when the remote party supports it.

Select "Yes" to force using the INVITE method to refresh the session timer.

As a Caller, select UAC to use the phone as the refresher;
or select UAS to use the Callee or proxy server as the refresher.

As a Callee, select UAC to use caller or proxy server as the refresher;
or select UAS to use the phone as the refresher.

Select "Yes" to force using the INVITE method to refresh the session timer.



If set to "Yes", when silence is detected, a small quantity of VAD packets
(instead of audio packets) will be sent during the period of no talking.
For codec G.723 and G.729 only.

JITTER BUFFER LENGTH (300ms, 400ms. 500ms etc):

Globalink Setup for Asterisk

How to set Asterisk with Porta Switch using ip or digest authentication
A) IP based authentication.
Please create an account ID in Porta Billing with the IP address of the Asterisk and set voip password as "cisco".
Please set the User-Agent string parameter in the Asterisk configuration to the word "Asterisk PBX ".

B) Digest (username and password) authentication.
Please create an account id just like for any other SIP device in PortaBilling.
In the Asterisk PBX, please specify username and password.
For digest authorization, please change the user agent string to 'DigestPBX'. PortaSIP does digest authentication when User-Agent is "DigestPBX".
The rest of the configuration is standard.
Please  refer to  for support.  Please setup Asterisk as per Asterisk documentation.

Globalink Find Me Follow Me Calling Forwarding

  • Please login via our account login provided to you by our Help Center
  • You will need to login with your account id and password.
  • Once you have logged in , please go to your "Account Info" and navigate to the tab "follow me".
  • You can then click on the add button (on the top left) and add your destination for your call routing.

Porta Billing Auto Attendant Documentation

8 - Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is a flexible utility designed to greet callers and transfer them either to an existing PortaSwitch accounts, or to your current phone system.

8.1 - Basic concept
    • PortaUM Auto Attendant (AA) is composed of a set of menus.
    • All the menus are the same in every respect, except for the ROOT menu, which is always present and cannot be deleted, and whose name cannot be changed.
    • When a caller dials the system, AA will answer the call with the Intro prompt from the ROOT menu.
    • After this, the Menu prompt will be played, and AA will listen to the user input.
    • The user input will trigger execution of the following available actions:
      • Default - plays the default prompt from the current menu
      • Transfer - transfers the call to a given telephone number or extension
      • Menu - starts interpreting (executing) the selected menu; the user can choose from any of the available menus
    • The user may select whether the corresponding prompt is to be played prior to the action.
    A menu call flow chart is displayed in the diagram below:
8.2 - Menu List mode
    Auto Attendant can be selected from the Options menu. The main screen lists all the menus available in the system. To modify one of the existing menus, select its name from the list.
    To add a new menu, select  Add new from the action panel.
8.3 - Menu Edit mode
    After selecting one of the existing menus, please allow all the prompts to load in your browser; this may be viewed on the status indicator in the action pane. The fields of the Menu Edit screen are explained below:
    A logical name for the menu, i.e. Sales for a sales department
    Time definition when the current menu is active. To set the menu as always active, select the Always button on the right. PortaUM also provides users with a Period Wizard, a flexible tool for defining a time period of any complexity.
8.4 - Intro, Menu, Default
    These three fields work similarly to the Voicemail recording feature.   Record. Select to start recording your voice prompt. (You will need to connect a microphone to your computer sound card to use this feature.)
    After the existing prompt is recorded over, the  Undo icon becomes available, allowing rollback to the previous state. The blinking Play icon indicates that the existing prompt is being overwritten, but changes have not been saved yet.
      Stop. Select this to stop recording or playback of the recorded message.
      Play. Select this to play back the recorded prompt. When selected, this icon will turn into  Pause.
    Each of the icons above may appear in grayscale, meaning it cannot be accessed because some other task is active.
    To give your Auto Attendant a professional sound, we recommend using a professional speaker and a digital recording studio when recording voice prompts.
    To upload a prompt, select the Browse... button on the right side. The native audio file format for the system is the following:
    Type: NeXT/Sun (Java) file .au
    Format: G.711 u-Law
    Attributes: 8,000 Hz, 8-bit, Mono
    PortaUM uses SOX - Sound eXchange, a universal sound sample translator for prompts uploaded into the native UM format.
    Here's a short list of supported audio file formats:
    .aiff AIFF files used on Apple IIc/IIgs and SGI.
    .au SUN Microsystems AU files.
    .gsm GSM 06.10 Lossy Speech Compression
    .mp3 MP3 Compressed Audio
    .ogg Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio.
    .wav Microsoft .WAV RIFF files.
8.5 - Event Table
Event Not Active - if the current menu is not active (see the active period definition above)
0-9, #, * - user selection on telephone keypad
Timeout - no selection received from user
Action Default - play the default prompt from the current menu
Transfer - transfer the call to a given telephone number or extension
Menu - start interpreting (executing) the selected menu; the user can choose from any of the available menus
Play before action Check this box if the corresponding prompt is to be played before the action is performed
File File name and path

Globalink Porta Billing Tariffs Tombstoned

In our PortaBilling VoIP Softswitch, created rates or tariffs cannot be deleted from the customer or reseller tariff file. 
They are merely discontinued when you update with new rates.
A tariff file contains all the rates you are offering.
Each tariff file is associated with the product you are selling with your own markup rates.
You may view your current rates by clicking on your tariff file.
If you upload using the option "Replace all of the existing rates with the rates from the file", all rates in the tariff will be marked "Discontinued".
The rates from the tariff upload file will be added. Please ensure you are using csv format only.

The filter at the top of the 'Tariff rates' page allows you to view rates depending on their Effective From date or Destination.
The Effective From drop-down list allows you define whether only current rates (“Now”) or all rates ever used (“->Now”) will be shown.

Any tariff file that is currently used by an account cannot be deleted. You may delete the tariff file after assigning another product to the account.

Thank You.
Globalink  Support

Globalink Porta Billing Cloud Software Road Map

PortaBilling VoIP Switch is a very robust voip platform and can provide you flexibility in how your server is configured.

We require that you follow the checklist below so that we can provision your server quickly. 
Please note that not all these features may be available in your plan.
Please read plan details at
Please click on each link title which is in bold for step by step instructions for each feature.

  • Product Name and Selling Price

    Each Product in Porta can be tagged to a monthly subscription fee, online sign-up, rate file or tariff, volume discount plan (or free minutes used for "unlimited plans").
    You need to advise us if the incoming minutes are free, how much you wish to charge your customers for destinations they are calling.
    All destinations are dialed by country code and number (e.164 compliant). There is no need to dial any access code.
    If you wish to have access codes, you can implement your own dialing plan by customer using the wizard in your reseller login.
    If you plan to restrict phone prefix or destinations that they can dial, we need to remove those destinations from the product tariff.
  • Setting up your own Rate file or Tariff in your own currencyYou can download our wholesale tariff  found under your reseller login under tariff  (top left of menu bar "wholesale tariff") or from our website and update with your selling price and billing intervals. Please click here to see our knowledgebase article on loading tariffs.
    If you are not able to do this initially,  please update the spreadsheet with your sell rates and email us the file  (please ask support via ticket for the correct email address) and we will load it for you.
    You can also edit your tariff by going to tariff, rates and simply adding or editing the destination of your choice.
  • Creating Customer and Device Accounts for Users
    Click on sub customer and click on add on top left.
    Please refer to help in every screen on top right of the page.
    Once you save, you can click on accounts on top menu bar and add your device accounts.
    You can create sub customers (billing) for managing your billing and allow access to our voip server via the private label voip web login.
    In Porta, each device account  is administered by the sub customer account for billing purposes.
    A sub customer account can have many device accounts. Callback, calling card, did, pbx extensions, on-net or virtual number, call shop, ATA device login etc are all simply "accounts" in Porta.
    Please do not confuse device accounts with customer accounts. 
    Customer Login  is used for billing and managing User or Device accounts.
    As such you can give access for customer  ( ) or account (device - level. 
    Clients can login and make payments, view call history and manage all device accounts by logging using the customer account.
    You can change your device voip password used for device registration.
    Manage  your voice mail, auto attendant and many other settings.
  • Online Sign-UP Form and API
    Please check with support as per your requirements.
    Once the products are setup and the did inventory is uploaded, we can provided the api link.
    You will need an approved merchant account to use Porta services.
  • Merchant Account SetupPlease click on knowledgebase on our support site and enter word "merchant setup" as it gives step by step instructions on setting up your merchant processor.
  • Post Paid Versus Prepaid BillingYou can have porta  send out invoices for post paid services.
    Most resellers use the prepaid service and simply let their customers login and make payments as needed.
    You can enable periodic billing so that customers can automatically charge their card as needed (balance driven) or at a set date (date driven).
  • DID InventoryOnce the dids are uploaded, you can manage and provision them from your Porta Billing DID Inventory.
    DIDs must be ordered via our online api within the Porta Reseller Control Panel.
  • Invoice Template SetupWe will need to setup your template with your logo and custom fields. There may be an additional cost to setup.
  • Auto ProvisioningThis is server and device dependent. Porta supports certain Linksys/Cisco/Yealink/Grandstream and other major vendors. Please contact support.
  • PortaUM or Hosted PBX Setup or ConferencingYou will need to use either our dids or approved third party did providers for find-me, follow-me, voice mail, auto attendants and hosted pbx services. Please download PortaUM pdf from support download site.
  • Calling Card Services
    You can use either our PortaUM for calling card services with PortaBilling.
    We will need to setup a private label did to use for your customers. Please contact support.
  • Callback ServicesYou can use either our PortaUM for call back services with PortaBilling.
    DID must pass ANI or caller id in the E.164 format if you plan to provide ani callback services. Please contact support.
  • SSL Setup and Private Label SIP Proxy
    We will need your SSL certificate to private label your page link. You can forward your to your server ips.
    There may be an additional charge if your plan does not support SSL setup.
  • Online Help and DocumentationYou can always click on help in any Porta screen (top right) or download the pdfs from our download section on our support site.

Globalink Number Porting (LNP)

Local number port orders normally take 1-2 weeks for completion. Toll free port orders normally take 5-10 business days for completion. Upon order completion you will receive an updated ticket via

Upon submission of your port order, your account will immediately be debited the appropriate port fee displayed on the main DID Number Portability page within the user portal. All port order fees are non-refundable unless rejection or cancellation occurs within 24 hours of request date. Normal per minute and monthly costs apply as per listed rates.

Detailed Explanation of each item:

Number to port: This is the 10 digit Toll Free or Local DID you wish to port to Globalink Inc.

Type of port: This is either toll free or local depending on which type of number you want to port to us.

Partial port: If you have more then 1 number with your current carrier, but are not porting all, choose yes.

Current Carrier: The carrier or your provider that currently has this telephone number.

Account Number: Your account number with your current provider.

Statement Name: The Company or Individual name that appears on the billing statement showing who owns this number.

Authorized Contact: The person listed on the bill as the authorized contact or owner.

Contact Title: How the Authorized Contact is affiliated with the telephone number.

Address: The address listed on this account as it appears on your statement.

City: The city listed on the billing statement for the number you want to port.

State: The state listed on the billing statement for the number.

Zip: The zip code listed on the billing statement for the number.

Billing Telephone Number: The number listed as the billing contact telephone number on your statement for the number you want to port.

Contact Telephone Number: A number where we can contact the current owner of the number you want to port. Any communication would be discreet.

Number Information
Number to Port:
Partial (YES/NO):
Type Local/ Toll Free :
Rate Plan (Pay per minute inbound or flat rate):
Location (Residential / Business):

Current Service Provider Information
Service Provider Name:
Service Provider Address:
Service Provider City:
Service Provider State:
Service Provider Zip:
Last Statement Date:
Current Charges:
Last Payment Date:
Last Payment Amount:

Customer Information
Account Number:
End User name on Statement:
Authorized Contact:
Contact Title Employee/Owner:
Service Address:
PO Boxes are not accepted.
Service City:
Service State:
Service Zip Code:
Billing Address:
Billing City:
Billing State:
Billing Zip Code:
Billing Telephone Number (NPANXXNXXX):
Contact Telephone Number (NPANXXNXXX):

Thank You.
Globalink Service

Globalink VoIP SoftPhone Branded

  • RFC 3261 compliant
  • RFC 2833 compliant
  • Support telecom codecs (e.g. g729, 723 and 711)
  • Support SIP re-INVITE keep-alive
  • NAT keep-alive option set for 30 seconds
  • re-REGISTER every hour
  • Supports STUN (can be disabled)
You can download our Globalink demo softphone from our support site under downloads.

Loading Rates (Tariffs) in Globalink VoIP Switch

  • You will first need to download your wholesale or buy rates from Porta Switch. You can find this link on the top left of your Tariff Page.
  • Do a "Save As" and name the file to the same name as the tariff assigned in Porta Switch under your Sell or Customer Tariffs.
  • Rename the tariff name and short description fields under tabs to match the exact names on your tariff.
  • Go to the forbidden column and setup your formula with markup eg =G2*1.1 (This is a sample formula for 10% markup. You can use 1.25 if you wish 25% and so on)
  • Move the mouse to the right hand bottom of the cell until mouse becomes a solid black +
  • Double click and this should copy the formula through the whole column.
  • Ctrl and Shift and down arrow to select whole column and copy and paste  (select the special option and the values option) to all 2 columns. First Price, Next Price. Make sure you have the correct billing interval increments eg 1 second for International destinations except Mexico.  US is 6 second  increments.
  •  Do ctrl, shift and down arrow and select the effective dates column and delete all dates. You may put effective dates if you wish to have the rates go into affect at a future date.
  • Save your file and then upload your new tariffs to Porta using the latest upload wizard. The wizard uses Java and you can drag and drop the column titles to match your spreadsheet column titles. If this is the first time you are uploading your rates, please upload using 2 rows only so you can make sure you have setup the web template correctly. You can have the voip switch email you a notice once the rates are loaded.
Please note that the file format used is CSV (comma separated value) and the instructions above are for Microsoft Excel only.
You may use any other software that will work with CSV if you wish.
If you need further assistance please open a ticket at

Globalink Wav Sound File Support

Windows Mobile
We have enabled .wav file format for our voice mail on our Porta Unified Messaging servers. Once you download your voice mail on your smart phone, please click the wav file and windows mobile smart phones will play the file.

Android Phones
For Android phones, you may need to download a third party application to hear wav files.
Please follow these steps :-
To manually install  the application from the Android Market, please go to 'Market' on your Android phone.

Select 'Search' and enter 'Remote Wave' into the search box.

Once the search has found the 'Remote Wave' app, please touch to install.

Please follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation.

Globalink Smart Phones

You can make voip calls via your mobile or cell phone by either using our calling card gateways,  did forwarding or via third  party software.  Sip client is a free mobile VoIP enabled software that lets you talk and do live chat (IM) using your handset's Internet connection instead of costly mobile airtime (GSM) minutes. So fring enables you make  free mobile calls over Wi-Fi Internet access or your GPRS, EDGE or 3G or 4G  Internet data plan. Windows mobile devices that can access the internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile provider internet data plan, would be  good candidates for fring.
  • Please go to your Smartphone Market Place eg Google Play to download the software.
  • Please  start sip client and then go to "menu", "settings", "configure services" and choose "sip" and then setup your account as other sip provider.
  • You can then enter Globalink VoIP login and password. You can setup  your voip sip proxy or any other sip server from Globalink VoIP Service.
  • You can then start saving on your calls using Globalink VoIP Private Label reseller service. Please visit GlobalinkVoIP for more info.
The best way to contact us is to click on "Submit a Request" below

Please click here to submit a request

You can ask your technical or any other questions for Globalink Help Desk.

Globalink Cloud Hosted VoIP APPs are for resellers who want to manage all billing, technical and customer service under their own private-label brand.

You can find all our private label apps under our While Label Site.

Please click to select the apps that meets your needs.

We'll be glad to help you decide which program may be right for you and your unique business situation.