Thursday, December 19, 2013

Globalink Porta Billing Cloud Software Road Map

PortaBilling VoIP Switch is a very robust voip platform and can provide you flexibility in how your server is configured.

We require that you follow the checklist below so that we can provision your server quickly. 
Please note that not all these features may be available in your plan.
Please read plan details at
Please click on each link title which is in bold for step by step instructions for each feature.

  • Product Name and Selling Price

    Each Product in Porta can be tagged to a monthly subscription fee, online sign-up, rate file or tariff, volume discount plan (or free minutes used for "unlimited plans").
    You need to advise us if the incoming minutes are free, how much you wish to charge your customers for destinations they are calling.
    All destinations are dialed by country code and number (e.164 compliant). There is no need to dial any access code.
    If you wish to have access codes, you can implement your own dialing plan by customer using the wizard in your reseller login.
    If you plan to restrict phone prefix or destinations that they can dial, we need to remove those destinations from the product tariff.
  • Setting up your own Rate file or Tariff in your own currencyYou can download our wholesale tariff  found under your reseller login under tariff  (top left of menu bar "wholesale tariff") or from our website and update with your selling price and billing intervals. Please click here to see our knowledgebase article on loading tariffs.
    If you are not able to do this initially,  please update the spreadsheet with your sell rates and email us the file  (please ask support via ticket for the correct email address) and we will load it for you.
    You can also edit your tariff by going to tariff, rates and simply adding or editing the destination of your choice.
  • Creating Customer and Device Accounts for Users
    Click on sub customer and click on add on top left.
    Please refer to help in every screen on top right of the page.
    Once you save, you can click on accounts on top menu bar and add your device accounts.
    You can create sub customers (billing) for managing your billing and allow access to our voip server via the private label voip web login.
    In Porta, each device account  is administered by the sub customer account for billing purposes.
    A sub customer account can have many device accounts. Callback, calling card, did, pbx extensions, on-net or virtual number, call shop, ATA device login etc are all simply "accounts" in Porta.
    Please do not confuse device accounts with customer accounts. 
    Customer Login  is used for billing and managing User or Device accounts.
    As such you can give access for customer  ( ) or account (device - level. 
    Clients can login and make payments, view call history and manage all device accounts by logging using the customer account.
    You can change your device voip password used for device registration.
    Manage  your voice mail, auto attendant and many other settings.
  • Online Sign-UP Form and API
    Please check with support as per your requirements.
    Once the products are setup and the did inventory is uploaded, we can provided the api link.
    You will need an approved merchant account to use Porta services.
  • Merchant Account SetupPlease click on knowledgebase on our support site and enter word "merchant setup" as it gives step by step instructions on setting up your merchant processor.
  • Post Paid Versus Prepaid BillingYou can have porta  send out invoices for post paid services.
    Most resellers use the prepaid service and simply let their customers login and make payments as needed.
    You can enable periodic billing so that customers can automatically charge their card as needed (balance driven) or at a set date (date driven).
  • DID InventoryOnce the dids are uploaded, you can manage and provision them from your Porta Billing DID Inventory.
    DIDs must be ordered via our online api within the Porta Reseller Control Panel.
  • Invoice Template SetupWe will need to setup your template with your logo and custom fields. There may be an additional cost to setup.
  • Auto ProvisioningThis is server and device dependent. Porta supports certain Linksys/Cisco/Yealink/Grandstream and other major vendors. Please contact support.
  • PortaUM or Hosted PBX Setup or ConferencingYou will need to use either our dids or approved third party did providers for find-me, follow-me, voice mail, auto attendants and hosted pbx services. Please download PortaUM pdf from support download site.
  • Calling Card Services
    You can use either our PortaUM for calling card services with PortaBilling.
    We will need to setup a private label did to use for your customers. Please contact support.
  • Callback ServicesYou can use either our PortaUM for call back services with PortaBilling.
    DID must pass ANI or caller id in the E.164 format if you plan to provide ani callback services. Please contact support.
  • SSL Setup and Private Label SIP Proxy
    We will need your SSL certificate to private label your page link. You can forward your to your server ips.
    There may be an additional charge if your plan does not support SSL setup.
  • Online Help and DocumentationYou can always click on help in any Porta screen (top right) or download the pdfs from our download section on our support site.