• You will first need to download your wholesale or buy rates from Porta Switch. You can find this link on the top left of your Tariff Page.
  • Do a "Save As" and name the file to the same name as the tariff assigned in Porta Switch under your Sell or Customer Tariffs.
  • Rename the tariff name and short description fields under tabs to match the exact names on your tariff.
  • Go to the forbidden column and setup your formula with markup eg =G2*1.1 (This is a sample formula for 10% markup. You can use 1.25 if you wish 25% and so on)
  • Move the mouse to the right hand bottom of the cell until mouse becomes a solid black +
  • Double click and this should copy the formula through the whole column.
  • Ctrl and Shift and down arrow to select whole column and copy and paste  (select the special option and the values option) to all 2 columns. First Price, Next Price. Make sure you have the correct billing interval increments eg 1 second for International destinations except Mexico.  US is 6 second  increments.
  •  Do ctrl, shift and down arrow and select the effective dates column and delete all dates. You may put effective dates if you wish to have the rates go into affect at a future date.
  • Save your file and then upload your new tariffs to Porta using the latest upload wizard. The wizard uses Java and you can drag and drop the column titles to match your spreadsheet column titles. If this is the first time you are uploading your rates, please upload using 2 rows only so you can make sure you have setup the web template correctly. You can have the voip switch email you a notice once the rates are loaded.
Please note that the file format used is CSV (comma separated value) and the instructions above are for Microsoft Excel only.
You may use any other software that will work with CSV if you wish.
If you need further assistance please open a ticket at http://support.globalink.us.